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Digital Course in 5 Days Bootcamp

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Create Your Digital Course in 5 Days Boot Camp

 Create an Introductory Niche Specific Digital Program So That You Can Save Time and Energy and Make More Money

Creating an digital course has been a massive game changer for my business, and for my clients transformation.

Having a course to sell as an extra income stream on it’s own, as well as to include in my 1:1 VIP programs has allowed me to simplify my business, increase the impact and results for my clients, and work part time around my kids during the hours that work best for me and my family.

Adding a digital component to my services has exponentially increased the level of service I can provide, because there is no time wasted between sessions! My clients get rapid results in less time, it’s a win-win for everyone!

This is designed for health, wellness, life and lifestyle coaches who already have a social media following, and want to add a digital course to their services.

BONUS: I am also going to teach you the exact simple format I have used for the past 2 years selling 2k, 3k, and 6k VIP programs that deliver EPIC results for my clients using my digital courses.

Once you get the program built, and the system set up, the rest becomes so much easier!

This is a DIY Boot Camp. I provide the ‘how to’ and you must take the MASSIVE action to get it DONE and ready for selling! 

This does not include tech support from me, you must be able to take the directions and put it into ACTION!

There is a Facebook Group for questions, but you must be resourceful in implementing the directions.

You’ll have access to the training video tutorials indefinitely to revisit.

The goal is that you will have an introductory digital course, that provides one specific solution to a big problem for your ideal clients, ready to go by the end of Day 5!

You will set up your own software and create your own content, the ‘HOW TO’ of where to record your videos, video storage, course hosting options, PDF design and Storage.


As a founding member, you are eligible for the introductory rate of $97.  This Boot Camp will not be offered at this rate again!

What You get:

✔ 5 short and actionable recorded video tutorials on the ‘how- to’ for each day including your task for that day.

✔ A PDF download of the exact software I use, and everything you will need to create your course.

✔ A private Facebook Study Group to support each other, and where I will answer your questions.

There are no workbooks and complicated systems involved in this boot camp. This is a learn and implement challenge that requires you to take daily actions to get your course built and launched!

Boot Camp Start Day is March 5th – March 9th (you will complete your finishing touches over the weekend).

Are you ready to get your course out there and uplevel your business?

HELL, YES! Let's GO!