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Elevate Your Life and Create a Business You Love

I’m Leanne Oaten, and I want to help you THRIVE in every corner of your life and business.

For the past 7 years, I’ve been a practicing holistic counsellor and coach guiding women to live their best lives, through learning how to put themselves at the top of the priority list.

I now help women entrepreneurs to regain their inner balance through changing their thinking patterns, and creating a healthy lifestyle on all levels.

I help you find more ease by taking the soul-aligned actions that are the right fit for you to take your life and business to the next phase.

Whether it’s a life challenge you’re feeling stuck with, or business strategy you need to get clarity on, it starts with getting on a call to see if we are a match to work together.

I’m a Mom of 3, and wife (with my husband 18 years), as well as entrepreneur for the past 7+ years, and I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed trying to balance it all.

I have also experienced adrenal fatigue one and off through my journey, and have discovered that unless I myself and taking care of me FIRST, my needs and my health on all levels, nothing works well.

It’s when we truly take time to nourish ourselves mind, body and soul every single day, that the other parts of our lives begin to flow with more ease, answers come to us, we become more intuitive, and we have greater clarity.

Working with me will guide you to develop emotional intelligence and create new boundaries in your life, relationships and business so you can truly thrive in all areas.

My strengths are in helping you see what you cannot see, asking you the questions that get you clarity and to guide you on the path toward your goals and desires. 

Burnout isn’t a badge of honor. You can build your life, family and business while taking impeccable care of yourself along the way…and I’ll show you exactly how.

If you’re an entrepreneur, and are feeling overwhelmed and overloaded with all of your daily responsibilities, marriage, parenting, and all the rest that goes along with that, I get it.

I had my first session with Leanne today, she is so amazing and helped me find so much clarity and direction! She is full of knowledge and wisdom, and I feel empowered to take action and speak my truth in my business and help others find freedom in a holistic lifestyle! Thank you Leanne! I look forward to having you as my business coach!”

Let’s get to the root of the challenges you are experiencing, and create a shift in your life and business.

You are applying for a 30 minute consultation to see which of my programs might be a fit for you. If you are taking this step, you’r ready to take ownership for your life and do what it takes to create the changes you desire and reach your goals.