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18.Aug, 2018 Comments Off on Reverse Adrenal Fatigue Without a Meal Plan

Reverse Adrenal Fatigue Without a Meal Plan

I see you. You’ve got that printout from your Naturopath (or a book you’re reading) of the food plan you are supposed to be on stuck to your refrigerator. And, along with it, a list so long of the things you have to avoid, you wonder WTF you are supposed…

19.Mar, 2018 Comments Off on Why I’m Not a Veganism Pusher

Why I’m Not a Veganism Pusher

I’m not a vegan, keto, paleo, or any type of diet pusher. I believe we each need to find our way to discovering how our bodies are best fueled. There is already enough food shaming and confusing messages being pushed out on social media about nutrition and what to eat,…

2.Oct, 2017 Comments Off on Orthorexia: An Addiction to Dieting, and Healthy Eating

Orthorexia: An Addiction to Dieting, and Healthy Eating

Your body isn’t your masterpiece, your life is. – Glennon Doyle I came across this quote on Instagram this week, and it really resonated with me, and encompasses the shift I had to make in healing my own issues with food and body struggles. And the shift my clients end…

18.May, 2017 Comments Off on [Vlog] Learning How to Love Your Body

[Vlog] Learning How to Love Your Body

Adding more of the good stuff in rather than trying to control the ‘bad’ stuff, is the way to create vitality, heal the body, and release unhealthy weight. Eventually, as you eat more and more whole, unprocessed foods, reduce your sugar intake, and start becoming more mindful about what you…

25.Feb, 2017 Comments Off on The Soul Food Diet

The Soul Food Diet

Eating as a spiritual practice.  When I first opened my counselling practice doors, freshly graduated from earning my Counselling Psychology education, I knew that the way I would practice guiding others to finding their answers would be different than the typical way most clinical counsellors I had experienced on my…

15.Jan, 2017 Comments Off on Food Freedom: Ending the Weight Loss Struggle

Food Freedom: Ending the Weight Loss Struggle

If you have been struggling with food, your body image, chronic dieting and meal plans in an effort to finally get it right when it comes to eating well and sticking to your diet goals, this blog is for you. If you are tired of being in an internal tug-of-war with…

9.Sep, 2016 Comments Off on 7 Reasons You Need to Ditch Your Scale

7 Reasons You Need to Ditch Your Scale

Why you need to throw out your scale, and focus on the real issue – self love deficiency, and a disconnection to your soul-purpose.  I had a session with a client recently that really made me see how many women struggle with this aspect of tracking their weight through weighing…

21.Jan, 2016 0

6 Tips to Managing Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings and addiction can be a full body experience. If you have ever felt stressed out, sad or emotionally overloaded and just had to have chocolate or some other form of sugar, like…NOW, you know what I am talking about.

23.Oct, 2015 0

What You Must Know About Weight Loss

 Whether through physical symptoms or unwanted inches, our body is always speaking to us. This may be a new concept to you if you are someone who believes in the outside in approach to health or weight loss. This also may ruffle a few feathers, and you may even disagree…

3.Jan, 2013 0

Starting your day off right

Start your day with a nutritious, wholesome breakfast.

This is just as important as beginning your day thinking good thoughts. If you skip breakfast, or eat something on the fly that doesn’t sustain you or provide you with energy, you will set yourself up for a later morning crash.