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Holistic Business Strategy Sessions

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Your business can only thrive as much as YOU do!

Trading dollars for hours is not a sustainable business model, especially for therapists, personal transformation and wellness coaches.

We need to be at our best physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically to serve the clients that are looking to us to show them the way, at our highest level. The clients that are looking to us to show them the way.

If we are maxed out, burned out, and running on empty, we can’t deeply serve our clients.

In essence, we are cheating those who come to us for help, if we are not as high vibe, energized and healthy as possible.

We can only take our clients as far as we have gone, so this journey is never ending.

This is especially true for those of us who have a message to share, and are being called to serve on a bigger level, who are being called to rise above burnout, struggle, stress and limiting beliefs.

Who are being called to stop playing small and share their message to inspire others.

But, if we are working with clients 8 hours daily, every day, soon we will find ourselves feeling burned out.

Therapists, health coaches and those in the healing profession are at the highest risk of burning out than any other profession.

In my 6 year private counselling practice as an R.P.C which was basically letters beside my name that felt like chains so I could accept some insurance from clients, I started to find myself becoming drained after a full day of clients. And I quickly started to see I needed to do something different.

I loved my work, but I knew I was meant for more, and I knew this wasn’t sustainable.

I would often come home feeling unsettled and irritable after working with certain types of clients – and my husband didn’t understand.

When we are helping people in this way, and holding space for deep emotional healing, it can take energy from us to do this hour after hour, day after day.

So, I raised my fees more than double so I could work with less clients and still make the income I needed to make. And, this was better for awhile, but still not where I wanted to be.

I didn’t want to be tied down to an office.

I wanted to be able to work when I wanted, around my family and lifestyle, not the other way around. To say yes to friends, and work only with those clients that I felt energized by working with.

As I have supported more and more clients to start their dream business, I have discovered how much I love guiding them to go after their dreams, and say goodbye to their 9-5, or their current business that is bringing income, but not inspiration.

I help therapists, holistic healing facilitators, and wellness/ transformation professionals to maximize their income by working less, not more. And by working smarter, not harder.

In my 8 Week Healthy Hustle Holistic Online Business Intensive program you will get your online business up and running.

In 8 Weeks you Will:

  • Set up Your Tech: Get the exact tools and software you need, and how to set up your technology, payment gateway for clients to book and pay for sessions or packages, email auto-responders, and booking systems if you get stuck (not tech savvy? No problem, that’s why I am here)!
  • Organic Soulful Marketing: Create a Soul Strategy calendar to organically market you amazing gifts to the work that is aligned with who you are, not what others tell you to do. You will also do some powerful exercises to get clear on what you are going to offer and who you want work with.
  • Grow Your Tribe: Clarify your Dream Soul Aligned Clients and invite them to join your communities and platforms
  • Get Social: Optimize (or start) your chosen social media channels to engage your fans and offer amazing value and inspiration. Graphics and intro tips to branding lesson on how to make your own gorgeous professionally designed social media, blog, and website graphics in minutes (for free)!

This program is created to get you going fast, so that you don’t stall and get stuck in overwhelm and distraction with all the information out there (like I did in the beginning)!

If you are worried about how much all the software listed above is going to cost up front, it is under $100 total to get started. We are going for movement, and getting the foundation built so you can start right away, working with your dream clients. If you are worried about figuring out the technology, I am here if you get stuck. And, all of this without hustling into burnout. #healthbeforehustle

Included in this 8 week intensive is:

  • 4 x 60 minute Business Strategy, Mindset, and Energetic clearing Sessions to help you stay accountable and get my personalized guidance  (one session by-weekly).
  • e-support for questions related to your business set up
  • Links to all resources and tools you will need to get set up, and beyond
  • Recorded screen sharing tutorials and videos showing you how to set up your tech
  • Psychological Coaching to move you out of fear and anxiety around putting yourself out there with my ninja coaching skills. Note: If you are experiencing a lot of burnout related health issues, exhaustion, inner turmoil, emotional stress, or a lot of anxiety, I recommend that we start with my 8 week Master Your Energy Holistic Intensive before moving into the business side of things. This will prepare the foundation of your business (you) for a smooth start up. If you feel this is what you need right now, click below to apply for that program. And then we can pick up here once we are complete.


If you are ready to grow your dream online business from the inside out, you have come to the right place.

This program is not for you if:

  • You are not resourceful and don’t want to spend the time setting up all of your systems, and need a lot of hand holding
  • You have no funds (or time) to invest in starting this business right now and aren’t in a space to do what it will take to make this happen for yourself
  • You think starting a business is all rainbows, and hope everything will magically fall into place, including your six figure salary, right out of the gate
  • You are not willing to put in the work to get your biz off the ground
  • You believe that you shouldn’t have to invest money to start or grow a business

If you are:

  • A motivated self starter who can take directions and run with it, as well as figure out the tech outside of my direction and coaching
  • Ready to move mountains, and understand this could take some time to get up off the ground
  • You have a mindset that this is for the long haul, and don’t give up easily
  • You understand that growing a business is about growing yourself and managing your energy than strategy and marketing
  • You can’t think of anything else but getting your dreamboat business started, and are ready to do whatever it takes

If that’s the case, lets do this!

The process to apply for this immersion begins with a Discovery Consultation to see if this program is right for you.

Investment is $2,997 USD for the 8 weeks.

I can’t wait to help you get your business online!

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