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Welcome Gorgeous

The doorway to your healing resides within you, I will help you find YOUR personal keys.

I work with driven, Type A professional and entrepreneurial women and Moms who have big dreams, (and are too exhausted to go after them) to shift out of burnout and transform every area of their life. 

my program provides rapid results and transformation to get you from burnout to breakthrough so that you can get on with your life!


“She’s worth every penny ..What are you waiting for? If you’re reading this and have never worked with Leanne before.  You are worth it!  “ K.R – superstar client – Nanaimo, BC

Just a little about me – I’m a leading Holistic Counsellor and trained Mindfulness Based Coach, with a diploma in Applied Counselling Psychology.

I also have certifications and a background in fitness and in depth knowledge of nutrition. I am always expanding my learning and growth to better serve you.

I spent about 5 years in private practice as a Registered Professional Counsellor, until I decided to take my message far and wide to reach and help women from all over the world by working with women online virtually 1:1 and through my online programs.

I guide my clients to deeply transform their health, life, work and relationships through a unique fusion of mindset (psychology), energy healing and intuitive, emotional-spiritual healing as well as metaphysical and Law of Attraction Principles so that they can regain their energy and heal their relationship to themselves, food and their body.

During my 5+ year career as a counsellor, I ran many live workshops, support groups, and classes as well as worked with couples, men, and women individually to guide them to a new level of self-responsibility, clarity, and empowerment using my holistic counselling methods.

I offer a unique, personalized to you, multidimensional approach to recovering from burnout and adrenal fatigue, that will transform every corner of your life 

Ready to get over feeling sick and tired but wired, depressed, and in survival mode, and step into a more energized, happy and healthy YOU? I can help you get there. Please watch this short intro video to find out if applying to work with me is the right next step for you. 

”So much is swirling around my brain with all of the big breakthroughs I’ve had during this program. This is powerful stuff and I need to respect that power and be gentle with myself. Thank Godknow I’m not alo– T.C., Los Angeles, California

  boost your mood, heal your marriage, and RECLAIM your

energy in rapid time

My programs are a combination of protocols, video programs, audio programs, email support for questions that come up during the program, and 1:1 consultations to personalize your lifestyle plan based on your needs and current health conditions.

Go from exhausted and burned out to knowing what the missing elements are in your recovery plan, even if you are working with a functional medicine doctor, and put them into action for faster results, that are going to catapult your results

Shift depression and anxiety by addressing your emotional blocks and psychological patterns that are keeping you stuck.

No more energy crashes! Put a stop to those annoying energy crashes that leave you down for days so that you can get out there and live your life (and begin exercising more consistently without triggering a relapse of symptoms).

Lose access weight, stop emotional eating and feeling anxious around food. You’ll learn a body-centered way of fueling your body that sets the stage for your healing and recovery

Understanding and addressing the REAL root causes, behavioral patterns, and triggers for your Adrenal issues is essential, and that is what we do within my Master Your Energy Immersion program.

If you want to learn how to increase your energy, and finally overcome those annoying adrenal fatigue symptoms once and for all, and how my signature program can help you, the next step is booking your initial Breakthrough Burnout Session.

You don’t have to spend endless months and years trying to ‘fix’ yourself. Transformation can occur instantaneously with new awareness’s and inner shifts you can’t access on your own. 

Discover what is keeping you stuck, and how working with me can help you solve it, by investing in an initial Breakthrough consultation call with me.

In this session I will provide you with a quick assessment of your situation, and a written recommended treatment plan for your next steps (sent to you via email within 24 hours of our call). You can also ask me any questions, and get my professional advice about your specific challenges.

* I no longer offer free initial consultations, however should we decide to continue working together after your initial consultation session, the fee will be rolled into the overall investment of my program. Spaces to work with me intensively are extremely limited and only those who are ready for transformation will be accepted into my extended 1:1 program.