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How to Listen to Your Body

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29.Sep, 2016 Comments Off on How to Listen to Your Body Adrenal Fatigue,Anxiety,Holistic Health,Soul Growth

How to Listen to Your Body


“The mind can trick us, but the body never lies”  ~Leanne Oaten


Studying the mind body connection is so fascinating to me, that I have made it my life’s work to teach and guide others in how to develop this withing themselves.

When counsellors couldn’t help me, and the doctors thought I was nuts and my symptoms were unexplained, I vowed to make it my mission to heal myself.

And I have done just that.

No pills or medications, just soul level, emotional healing, alternative medicine and health care, and a fierce determination to find the answers within myself.

I have revered chronic depression, anxiety and stage 3 adrenal fatigue through the methods I teach.

Depression only knocks on my door briefly to tell me to pay attention, anxiety is my body’s way of telling me to breathe and connect with my heart, and fatigue tells me to rest and replenish.

And once I have learned the lesson they came to teach me, they move on. And I am left with deep gratitude and appreciation for my body. And how it communicates with me to tell me what I need to know.

In the video below I discuss this and 3 ways you can use your body connection to improve your health, and life.

Here are the points I cover more in depth in my video:

  1. When you notice a physical symptom, or mood shift this is your invitation to check in. What is this symptom trying to communicate to me?
  2. When making a decision about your life, or which direction to take with your health and healing, go with what FEELS right, rather than overthinking it. How does it feel in your body when you consider each option?
  3. Body connection and intuitive awareness leads to optimal nutrition for your particular body. Use what feels best in your body as your guide to making food choices.


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