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Aligned & Energized Program for Female Entrepreneurs

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Aligned & Energized for Female Entrepreneurs and Transformation Leaders Who Hormone Imbalance and Adrenal Dysfunction

An 6 month holistic transformation and business immersion designed to Uplevel your life, health, intimate relationship and business from the inside out


In order to build a soul-aligned business we must tend to our own health, wellness and well-being, mentally, emotionally, energetically, physically, spiritually and relationally.


Here’s the truth: without your health, you will eventually have no business. And if other areas of your life are in chaos or out of alignment, it will ripple into your business. You have to get YOU recharged, aligned with your mission and desires, and energized so you can fulfill the actions required to make your vision a reality – without the burnout patterns and up and down energy levels.


You can hustle all day and night, and use work as a handy distraction from the things that actually need your attention, but eventually, they catch up with you.


A health crises, marital breakdown, parenting challenges, can happen to any of us, but when we’re awake and aware to the issues early on, we have a better chance of turning the bus around!


If you’re telling yourself that you’ll deal with your health, marital issues, and chronic exhaustion when things slow down, when the next busy period in your business passes, when you have fewer clients, or when you “find the time” then this is an even bigger reason you need this program.


The secret isn’t that we need more time to address the areas of our life that need attention, it’s that we need to master our relationship with time, and manage our energy so that we can do the things we say we want to do in our business, for our health and self care, family life, with our children, spouse, and friends.


But maybe you’re not sure where to even start with getting your personal life and health in order.


There were times when I wondered if I was the only one who was trying to build a business while simultaneously experiencing challenges in one or more areas of my life, wellness, and relationships.

When it felt like my life was not going well, it spilled over into how I showed up in my business. Inconsistently!

It can be hard to show up, put ourselves out there, record videos, hit “go live”, create content and keep moving forward when we feel overwhelmed, and exhausted from all the hustle while trying to keep the other areas of our life thriving. I get it!

What I’ve learned is that you can still go after what you want, even when your life isn’t perfect.

As long as the actions you’re taking are congruent, consistent and aligned – you’ll get there! And with the right support, you’ll be unstoppable.

This is where The Aligned & Energized Program comes in.

This isn’t about business strategy. I offer this inside of Elevate Your Business Coaching.

This is all about getting you in a place of personal power, prioritizing your health, mastering your mind, emotions and energy, and caring for the relationships in your life that may need attention.

I want to help you get what you want and most desire in all areas of your life.

Building a purpose driven business is made up of how we move through the world internally and the actions we take externally as a result. 


Success is 90% an inner game.

Strategy is action, but it has to be aligned and coming from the right energy space within you.

We are going into all aspects to offer you a well-rounded program to help you shift every area of your life that needs shifting!


“Before the program, I felt hopeless and was afraid of what my future would hold. Now I feel empowered and in control of my destiny. Working with Leanne has given me my life back. I am, and will forever be, eternally grateful that I found her!”  S.G, Canada


Some areas may need more attention than others, and that’s perfectly fine.


“Life changing”!!

“Thanks to this program and working with Leanne 1-2-1, I feel like I am finally getting to the root cause of my exhaustion and disordered relationship to food. I was always so focused on nutrition and exercise, Leanne has helped me turn my attention inward, to self-care, healthy boundaries and positive relationships. Life changing!!” T.P Canada

You’ll get what YOU need out of this process, and will have the opportunity to go deeper in one area that you feel you most need to work on.


I have designed this to be a process. A tool kit for you to know exactly where to go, depending on your needs.

We’ll go through them in order as a group, but you can spend more time in the areas you personally desire to work on in your life at this time.

Who’s this program for?


It’s for women entrepreneurs, coaches, mentors, and service based business owners, who tend to put themselves and their health last.


You’re experiencing, have experienced, (or are approaching) burnout, or have thyroid, hormone and adrenal imbalances. You feel stressed out, overwhelmed and frazzled, most of the time and want to regain your inner balance and energy levels. Brain fog keeps you feeling unfocused and unclear on what you need to be doing every day to move your business forward.


You want to improve your relationships with your spouse but you feel disconnected and resentful that you aren’t getting what you need in your relationship. And, he doesn’t ‘get’ what you are even doing with your business, and this creates a disconnect.


You want to make time to take care of your health, but you’re juggling so many roles, and your energy levels are inconsistent and leave you feeling ineffective in your life and business.

You’re having difficulty taking the CONSISTENT actions that are required to make the changes you want to make in your health, relationships, life and business.

You want to have predictable energy levels so you can plan your days without fear of the dreaded afternoon ‘energy crash’.

You know you need to tend to your worsening energy levels, stubborn weight gain, mood imbalances, and chronic stress, but you don’t know where to start, or where to find the time.

You’re open and ready to go all in with taking the actions and doing whatever it takes to save your health, marriage, put yourself and your health first, and become a thriving CEO.

By taking the Aligned & Energized program you’ll go from:

Uncertainty about where to start with making improvements in your life, relationship and health to feeling more CLARITY, joy, excitement, energy and inspiration to keep going with the changes you will be guided to make.  

Stressed out and overwhelmed to calm and centered. Once we shine light on what needs to be healed and addressed, the stress literally begins to melt away.

Exhausted to saying goodbye to that 3pm energy crash, and enjoying steady, consistent energy to get through your day (while balancing your hormones and healing your body).In order to show up in your business and receive the income flow you desire, you have to have energy to take the actions necessary to reach your goals!

Dieting to lose weight to leaning a whole new way of nourishing your body so that you are eating what your body most needs to be energizes, with healthy digestion and glowing skin

Conflict in your intimate relationship to knowing exactly what your core needs are in your that aren’t being met (and as a result, causing stress in your relationship and within you), and exactly how to communicate your needs to your partner for greater closeness and connection. If you are feeling like your partner doesn’t get what you’re up to, and thinks you just sit at home all day with loads of free time, this can be a hot button issue between entrepreneurs and their non-entrepreneurial partners. We will dive into what needs to shift and change within the relationship so you feel more supported and connected.

Feeling Alone on your journey to deeply supported every step of the way. I will be there to challenge and support you to reaching your goals and stepping into your next level in every area of your life. We all need emotional support and someone in our corner when we are stepping out into new territory.

In Your Business You’ll Go From…

Feeling Spread too thin with too many 1:1 clients and offers to ONE premium Signature Service you can enroll your clients into on repeat, on demand, and make the money you desire while deeply serving your clients

Not knowing where to start to creating a solid business foundation to create a service that sells for your dream clients

Attracting YOUR unique Soul -Aligned clients who are ready for exactly what you have to offer, and will become raving fans long after you finish working together

Overwhelmed with all the technology to having the exact tools you need to get your business and services up and running (even if you don’t have a website, massive email list or following) inside of my step by step action guide

Fear of raising your prices to understanding WHY having a higher ticket offer actually serves your clients more than being the ‘most affordable’ and ‘cheap’ option

Fear of getting on Consultations or Sales Calls with potential clients to knowing exactly how to take them from a lead to enrolled. The entire process (including a script for your sales call) is included in the High End Sales Bundle in the members area.

And, there is so much more inside!

You will not be disappointed, I pride myself in over-delivering and wowing my clients with epic value, and I never fail to disappoint.


As you go through the program and apply what you will be led to implement…


Your energy will start to return because you’re addressing the unaddressed energy drains that are literally taking your life force energy.


You’ll shine a light on all the important areas of your life, and create a plan for how to shift what needs to be shifted.


The Core Transformational & Adrenal/Thyroid Hormone Health Program:

Module 1:

Balance, Your Cortisol, Thyroid Health and Hormones from the Inside out: In this module we are creating your custom recovery plan to get your hormones in balance by getting YOU in balance. If you’ve been told you have Adrenal Fatigue by a Functional Medicine Doctor, or have been diagnosed with a Thyroid condition, low progesterone or a thyroid condition, it’s essential to address the root causes of the HPA Axis Dysregulation. We cover everything from key supplements, adrenal and thyroid imbalance triggers, how to reverse low progesterone, the right exercise with hormone imbalance, healthy recipes, and so much more. Everything you need, and nothing extra you don’t need, to take your health back.

Module 2:

Making Peace with Your Body: Heal Your Relationship with Food (and Eat for Energy not the latest trend) stop counting calories and macros and put the extra time and energy you’ll save on creating the life, relationships, business and health you truly desire. If you tend to stress eat, or reach for your ‘vice’ foods, and then feel guilty afterwards, and want to bounce back into the next dieting phase, and none of it is making you any happier or even working for you, this module will guide you to shifting your entire perspective on food, mood, diets and eating for energy.

Module 3:

 Boundaries 101: When you feel angry and resentful toward the people in your life, chances are good you need to do some boundary work. If you feel like everyone wants something from you, and you’re feeling frustrated that you have no time for yourself, after you finish this module, you’ll know exactly where and with who you need to set some boundaries. Learn how to set limits with people in your life (friends, family, clients, your partner, siblings, children) so that you can feel less stretched and stressed. Create more time and space in your life to do the things you truly want to do (like start that self care practice you know you need, start moving your body more, cook healthy meals, write that weekly blog or book you’ve been telling yourself you’d get to one day, or just to have white space in your day).

Module 4:

Master Your Mind, Mood and Emotions: End self sabotage, take aligned actions toward your goals and desires, and learn how to work with your emotions and use them to grow and expand, rather than as reasons why you can’t take the actions you know you need to take to get to where you want to go. Learn how to overcome feelings of depression and anxiety, low motivation, procrastination, and not allow them to control your actions, or stop you from showing up to serve and deliver your message. This is your emotional self-healing tool kit and contains practices and processes to help you shift out of a funk, override limiting thoughts and beliefs, and move emotional energy rather than suppressing it with workaholic, food (over eating or under eating), screens, procrastination, sugar, or that nightly glass of wine.

Bonus Module:

 Shift Your Love Relationship: Our relationship with our partner influences everything including our levels of joy, our health, and stress levels. Learn how to feel less stress in your relationship and reduce conflict by knowing your core needs in your relationship, and how to present them to your partner as a place for growth and change. Learn why sometimes, the things that trigger you in your relationship are actually an opportunity for self reflection and growth in the Relationship is Mirror, and Getting Your Needs Met video lessons. Getting Your Needs Met Class is created for both partners to work though, but not until you have gone through the 30 day process I guide you through in this module.


How much time you spend on each module it is up to you, but I suggest you allow for at least 3 hours weekly to study and implement the lessons, sessions and homework. It’s helpful to create a study and implementation day and take this time and space to take care of yourself and work on YOU.

And the REAL value of joining is the ongoing e-support you’ll receive when you invest in this life changing program.

Here’s what’s included in your investment:

✔  My entire “members vault” library of resources, training, programs and courses housed all in one convenient members area for you to access any time, day or night, delivered in audio, video and written formats  with one year access.

1 x 90 minute initial session to clarify your goals and intentions for our work together. This session is focused on YOU, your life, emotional state, physical energy, mindset and getting you ready to literally change your life (and business) from the inside out.

✔3 x 45 min private follow up transformation coaching sessions     


You study the prerecorded modules on your own time around your schedule, between our sessions, and you control the booking of your sessions with access to my online booking system.

Investment: 6 Monthly Payments of $997 USD



My clients experience life changing shifts and rapid results within one session with me. In session you will clear what needs to be cleared within your emotional energy system, have a specific and personalized action plan to change the areas of your life you most need to focus on, as outlined in the program curriculum, and you’ll have a newfound clarity about how to proceed.

Sessions with me are a fusion of coaching and are informed by my training in counselling and psychology, the intuitive ‘hits’ I receive and messages that come through during our time together, as well as my extensive knowledge in holistic health, nutrition, and personal transformation.

On the woo side, I am an energy worker.

I help you move energy and take the right next steps that are aligned for you. I am a catalyst to help you activate your inner power that you already posses, and help you help yourself.

“With one session I shifted, was feeling brighter, and heading in the right direction. Leanne is so truly remarkable and her holistic insight is incredibly connected. Everything she said resonated so well and has inspired me to pursue my personal dreams. With Leanne’s help, I was able to bring myself back to my true self. Thanks Leanne!! Words cannot even describe what you have done for me” – T.M 



Let’s get you Aligned and Energized, so that you can show up in your life and business as the version of you that can call in what you truly desire. True success isn’t just about money, followers, and launches, it’s about inner success, our relationships and creating optimal health so that we can truly THRIVE in all areas and dimension of our one precious life.


I’ve been guiding women through the exact changes I will be leading you to make in this program for the past 7 years, I am confident you will leave a changed and more empowered woman and entrepreneur!


I cannot wait to work with you!

If you have any questions email

Total Value of this 6 month program is valued at over $10,000 USD.

Your Investment: $997/month for 6 months



I have had more success with Leanne in 3 months than 25 years of therapy!” T.K. Canada

Hey there, I’m your teacher, guide, coach and leader, Leanne Oaten.


I’m a mama of 3, and fur mama of 6, and have been entrepreneurial for the past 14 years with many different businesses and creative pursuits behind me, and I am sure more ahead of me.


I’m passionate about growth, holistic health, non-toxic alternatives wherever possible, natural skincare and living as consciously and awake as I can each day.


My highest values are personal growth and evolution along with health and wellness, so that I can be the best version possible for my kids and those who need me to be!


I’m constantly listening to Audible and Podcasts filling my mind with inspiration and mind expanding materials on my walks with my dogs, while folding laundry or laying in bed at night, reading, or coming up with the newest program, blog or podcast idea in the shower, while driving, or cooking dinner!


I’ve been working with women in a group and one-on-one setting for the past 7 years as a Holistic Counsellor and Life Coach, after receiving my training in Applied Counselling Psychology, and I love helping women transform from within, and feel inspired and lit up about their lives again.


With my experience in coaching and counselling women, I’ve learned so much about what is behind the symptoms of feeling depressed, anxious, stressed, tired, burned out and uninspired for most women.


And this is what I am guiding you through in this 6 month immersion.


Personally, I’ve had my own challenges with my health experiencing a very long bought of adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances, and thyroid issues. Thankfully, today my symptoms are mild, more manageable and I’ve found a way to manage my energy life and business in a while new way.


I’ve been able to overcome years of chronic exhaustion and the symptoms related to adrenal and hormone imbalances, so I know a lot about natural healing, holistic methodology and application, as well as mind -body – emotional health.


I’d love to support you in regaining your energy and inner balance. 🙂


If you have any questions or want to get clarification that this is the right program for you, reach out via email: or via Instagram or Facebook Messenger @leanneoaten on all platforms. I’d be happy to help you make the decision that’s right for you. Or go ahead and apply for a consultation, let’s have a chat to see if it’s the perfect fit for you.

*This program is by application only and limited spaces are available. Only those who I feel are most ready for this work will be accepted into this high level program.

Are you ready?