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The Space Between The Old and New You

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14.Aug, 2018 Comments Off on The Space Between The Old and New You Adrenal Fatigue,Emotional Wellness,Self Help & Growth,Soul Growth

The Space Between The Old and New You

“Where do I go from here”?

Sometimes, when we are on the path to spiritual and emotional expansion, we AWAKEN to WHY we have been feeling so terrible, how the ingrained patterns have been limiting us for so long, and then ..a light comes on.
Often times this comes through in sessions with my clients, and they go through a mini crises as they grapple with the old patterns that are no longer working, and where to go next. 
This is why when we are working to remove patterns we want to let go of, like emotional eating for example, we must find a new way to cope with the emotions that food helped us feel comforted by.
Others are trying to manage and control those around them, or stay addicted to being busy.
And sometimes, when we are reversing these patterns toward healing habits, the real pain can rise up.
This is why a food plan without skilled emotional support is a waste of time. 
I won’t let my clients stay stuck if I see how they are harming themselves and lengthening their suffering, and sometimes this means acute emotional crisis after we explore these areas. 
Things are uncovered that were once hidden in the dark.
When this happens, we wish we could shut the light off, and go back to sleep, back to when we didn’t know what we didn’t know , at least it was familiar pain and suffering, and we developed our coping mechanisms to manage.

But once we have awakened to the truth, we can’t go back to sleep.

This in between stage can be the most uncomfortable, rattling experience.
When we have been used to behaving for so long in a certain way as a way to survive and cope, it can feel really confusing to know what to do in between leaving the old way behind, and stepping into unknown territory.
All we can do in these times is be gentle with ourselves.
Be with our experience.
Ramp up the self care.
Not judge our feelings. 
Get (the right) support from only those that can hold massive amounts of space for you and help you work though the darkness. While the feeling to retreat may be strong, this is not the time to isolate. Reach out at get support.
It’s important to not go backwards into old patterns, and to develop new ones, but this is a time when we are vulnerable.
We must choose our circle wisely. Who we confide in carefully.
If we go to the wrong person, there is a risk of being re-wounded in our vulnerable state.
This ‘healing crisis’  is a sign of growth, everything that springs forward must retract first.
Like a bow and arrow, it must retract back in order to spring ahead.
This is much like growth and healing.
Be kind to yourself.
You will get through the other side, just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and have faith everything is happening in Divine timing.
This is leading the way for a massive shift for you, be patient in the space between.
Much love,
Leanne Oaten
Adrenal Health Specialist + Therapist
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