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How to Let Go of Heavy Weight

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5.Feb, 2019 Comments Off on How to Let Go of Heavy Weight Adrenal Fatigue,Self Care,Self Help & Growth,Stress Reduction,Weight Release

How to Let Go of Heavy Weight

Is the weight you are carrying wearing you down?

I don’t mean weight as in number on the scale, I mean spiritual and emotional weight.

This weight weighs heavy, and actually can be a root cause for physical weight gain as well!

Sometimes the weight is emotional.

For me personally, I have had some challenges this past several weeks that has required me to take a look at my life and business, and make some changes.
I have been working too hard on too many things, balancing a lot of plates, and putting a lot of pressure on myself.
I fell out of integrity with what I teach. And some old exhaustion was rising up. This was my wake up call to take action.
 I was able to witness this within myself quite quickly, and take serious inventory of what I have been giving my energy and time to.
Why was I feeling so drained?
My purpose is to help empower women to see the ways they are keeping themselves stuck in the same place, in any area of their life, and to take different actions to create different results. 
I wish for you to find the EASE and FLOW.
To know what to do to take care of yourself through the inevitable storms of life so that stress doesn’t destroy your health.
I have been practicing what I preach to all of you, and have put my health, self care, well being, children and improving my marriage at the top of my priority list. 
That has meant I have chosen to make some hard decisions, and changes to my business and have simplified everything I am doing.
I have promised myself I will say no to anything that doesn’t feel aligned, easeful and inspiring. 
That I will simplify all aspects of my life and business to focus on what matters to me.
To refine my projects for business, re-purpose all the massive amounts of content I create,  and stick to mediums I love. Speaking (into my podcast microphone 😉) and writing.
And, truthfully YOU all matter to me a great deal.
The fact you are here, reading this is what keeps me writing, podcasting, sharing my inner process at times, and keeps me going when I am feeling worn out, or have lost touch with my WHY.
I don’t write and share because my life is perfect. I desire to lead through example, and to let you know that being on this journey of awakening and growth does not deem us free of struggles and challenges. 
Not at all.
But, we can choose to deepen into our healing and expansion DURING the shit storms of life.
It’s what we do during times of struggle that determines how far we have come. 
Do you stay there? Or do you go within, learn the lessons, shift some things, make a change, speak your truth, say no, change your plans, get support, listen to your intuition, recommit to YOU, and shift into a new level?
We can use our health and life challenges as a way to tap into the deeper meaning. To reconnect with ourselves.
I have piles and piles of journals, notes on scraps of paper, index cards, on my phone and in my Google docs, FULL of inspired ideas, reflections, and ideas for programs, videos and content to share to bring forward what I have inside of me, what I have been through and learned from, so that it may help you.
So, one of the things I have recommitted to is my love of writing each day.
If you’re feeling pulled in too many directions, it may be time to have a look at where you are scattering your energy.
I invite you to look at all areas of your life, and ask yourself what needs to go as you read my ‘Let it Go’ List. Letting go creates space for Letting In more of what feeds your soul.

Some of the radical changes I decided to make this past week were:

  • Cancelled the 5 Day Food Freedom Challenge. I recorded day 1, and then the idea of getting the rest of the videos recorded, edited and uploaded just felt so heavy and overwhelming. I could have pushed through and “made it happen”, but I have learned that this is only a fast track to burnout if I am not listening to my body and intuition.  And I know that if I create anything from this energetic space, it will not be of service. So instead, I created a masterclass covering days 2 – 5 which is the. This felt so much better, and as soon as I had the idea, and emailed the participants, I felt immediately lighter.

Register for the Workshop

  • Closed my monthly membership program. As much as I loved serving the women who were part of it from the start, it was no longer lighting me up in many ways. Instead, I have opened up my Signature Master Your Energy Self Study on -demand program.

Purchase Master Your Energy

  • Discontinued Free Consultations.  I have realized that offering 45 minuted of my 1:1 time and energy for free is no longer something that feels right to me. Our time and energy are limited resources. For those that desire my 1:1 time, to pick my brain, and ask me questions,  can still get an initial consultation, assessment and written recommended plan from me, at a fee. I am also only taking a select number of longer term clients, and reducing the number of 1:1 sessions I am doing. Part of this comes from my awareness of the kind of transformation that ONE session with me provides my paying clients. And the transformation is in the transaction! We value what we pay for. And we invest in what we value.

I have also created a brand NEW 6 Week Accelerated program called “Activate”. It is a shorter version than my usual 3 month immersion, and designed for deep, and rapid results. (There are countless testimonials below this post if you are interested in some of the results of my clients). This is a very different format to what I have been offering over the past few years, and I’m excited about it! The longer term vision is to phase out my 1:1 sessions altogether at some point. For now, you can still work with me as part of the Activate program

I love teaching,  creating community, running group programs, and I truly do love working with my dream soul aligned clients.
There are seasons to our lives just like in nature.
Honoring the season we are in (currently – 30 here in Canada) which is winter, a time for going within, incubating, reflecting, is part of creating balance and harmony.
There is a time for everything, but not everything all at once. 
Wisdom is knowing this, and adjusting accordingly.
If you’d like to be part of my community, I have my free Facebook group, Reboot Your Life.
When you get better, your life gets better!
Much love,
Leanne Oaten


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