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Every Illness Holds a Gift

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29.Sep, 2016 Comments Off on Every Illness Holds a Gift Adrenal Fatigue,Hormonal Balance

Every Illness Holds a Gift

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Real wealth is having vibrant health. Invest in it above all else. ~Leanne Oaten


Every illness holds a gift.

When I was exhausted from total burnout, I sure didn’t see this as a gift.

But, I am now grateful that my dis-ease woke me up to show me that my life needed to change.

After over 10 years, in and out of burnout and the side effects of chronic stress and anxiety, I am grateful that I have turned most of it around.

And no, it wasn’t easy, and it didn’t happen overnight.
There are no quick fixes to healing.

Having the most severe fatigue that rendered me useless forced me to dig deep and find the SOULution.
That’s why I created a program that covers the foundational pieces that contributed to my turning this condition around.

While healing the lingering residual effects has taken more work, what I each clients, and in this program is the essential starting off point to recovery.

You see, illness doesn’t happen overnight. So, it’s not going to disappear over night.

I see it that we have to reverse engineer our recovery.

And to fully heal, we will be left with the really deeply rooted shit we have been avoiding dealing with all of our life – which eventually manifests as illness.

Self connection, and doing what is right for ME even if it pisses other people off (and believe me, I have!) is my top priority.

Some see taking care of their needs first as selfish or narcissistic, but actually, it’s self preservation.

Why are other people more worthy of care than YOU?!

Why are others needs and desires more important than your own?

Why is loving others more acceptable than extending that same fierce love to yourself?

When I put me last it on the list, it sure didn’t take me anywhere good.

What good are we to others when we are drained, frazzled, exhausted, cranky and running on EMPTY?

How are we being ‘selfless’ by running ourselves into the ground?

This idea that so may women carry is complete crap, and it has to shift.

You have to get to a point where displeasing others by saying no, and prioritizing yourself above all else first, is something you are willing to do if you want to feel healthy, grounded and more energized!

I have had to let go of some big things I thought I wanted, and little things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

If you have the signs of AF I cover below, I highly recommend that you take immediate action.

Don’t wait until you are immobilized, or hospitalized.

If you are entering menopause this is especially important, because going into this transition with fried adrenals, and resulting low progesterone, will be even more of a challenge.

Invest in your health now, or in your sickness later.

The choice is always yours.

Here’s the link to the¬†Energize Your Life program.

You can also take my free 5 Day Energize Your Life Challenge to find out if you might have AF.

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To your best health always,


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