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Why You Can’t Lose Weight

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19.Apr, 2018 Comments Off on Why You Can’t Lose Weight Adrenal Fatigue,Weight Release

Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Weight loss is a big topic, and one that many companies that sell supplements, shakes and magic potions are making millions off of.

And, you CAN reach your goals, however it may take more than improving your diet and exercising.

I used to work in the fitness industry, and I would see the same people coming in day after day after day, and not getting any results.

Women would come and talk to me about their frustration, and I knew there was something more to the story (this was before I went to school to become a counsellor).

But, here’s the taking an outside in approach sustainable?

Here are 2 discerning questions I will ask you:

Those intense workouts you’re doing, will you be doing that for years to come?¬†Chances are no, because you with end up with stress injuries and find you can do less and less as you age, and it stresses the body out to be going insane with workouts. I am all about functional fitness. Doing the exercise that allows you to be flexible, to get your heart rate up,¬† to be able to sit and stand with east, to climb stairs, walk up hills, etc.

The restrictive diet you’re on, is it sustainable? Could you see yourself adopting this as part of a permanent balanced lifestyle change? Or is it torture to stick to it?

Today, I want to simplify it for you by directing you to the possible root causes of WHY you can’t seem to reach your weight loss and health goals even with going to the gym everyday, and counting calories, and maybe even eating a healthy balanced diet.

  1. Hormone Havoc: You have hormone imbalance including cortisol dis-regulation (Adrenal Fatigue). You will not be able to lose weight with 6 days weekly at the gym, and living off of salads. In fact, this will only make it worse. And you must deal with the root causes of why this is happening, not just the symptoms.
  2. Emotional Eating: You are not dealing with the reasons you eat food when you’re not hungry. You can’t stick to a balanced diet becasue you eat sugar and refined carbs for comfort. If this is you, my Food Freedom program will help you heal your funky relationship to food.
  3. You’re over training and under eating: I have had clients who were trying to lose weight, bur were over exercising and under-eating, WITH adrenal fatigue. These habits and patterns can make everything much worse, as mentioned in point number 1, because both of these things create AF and make it impossible to heal from. This is why so many fitness addicts who do competitions, restrict their calories, dehydrate themselves, and work out 5 times daily end up in Adrenal issues, or even lose their periods!
  4. You’re going too extreme: Yup, you can overdo it, even with trying to get healthy. Too many supplements, too much stress over what you’re eating, too much exercise, too much restricting, not enough healthy balance. I did a 2 part series on the podcast about Orthorexia (the obsession with healthful eating). You can get it here or get it on the Stitcher app for Android. This 2 part series is on episode 47 and 48.

So may women struggle with fatigue, adrenal and hormone issues, thyroid issues, and weight issues, and suffer in silence. You don’t have to go it alone.

Find a tribe, get support, and never give up on yourself and your health.





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