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Adrenal Fatigue: Why Some People Don’t Heal

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1.Jul, 2018 Comments Off on Adrenal Fatigue: Why Some People Don’t Heal Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue: Why Some People Don’t Heal

Adrenal Fatigue can be a complex health issue with dire effects.

The effects are not obvious to those around us who wonder what the problem is, unlike when we break a bone and wear a cast, Adrenal Fatigue is one of those invisible conditions that can leave the person suffering questioning their sanity.

There are many people in my life  who didn’t know the depth of  the issues I had as a result of this.

From the outside, I had good hair, my makeup on, ate really ‘clean’, exercised, and always tried to appear ‘put together’ on the outside.

But I was far from it.

Healing Adrenal Fatigue requires a lifestyle, approach along with processing and healing old emotional material from the past, managing and mastering daily stress in a health way, setting healthy boundaries, and becoming self aware.

It requires looking hard and honestly at your innermost relationships. How healthy (or toxic) they are, and making some tough decisions that may be required in order to allow your body to heal.

I remember a day years ago that I hit my breaking point.

I was doing all the things my Naturopath told me to do. I was getting therapy and other support from healers and practitioners. I was getting acupuncture, and drinking nasty tasting herbs, taking handfuls of supplements, eating as well as I could, and yet, I wasn’t getting better.

I was only getting worse.

I remember wishing I could find someone who had made it through the other side who could support me.

I felt literally alone. Nobody in my life understood, how could they? I didn’t understand what was happening to my body!

My 30’s were spent mostly me trying to heal from this condition.

10 years of my life were such a struggle for many reasons.

I had to start looking under every rock.

My marriage. My emotions. My beliefs. My life. Everything.

Many people don’t get better because they stop at trying to heal with supplements alone. 

I had a knowing inside of me that sounded like this: “Get better, learn how to heal this so you can be that person other women need to get through the other side”.

When I felt so low I was convinced whoever “GOD” was, was trying to punish me.

I didn’t understand what I had done to deserve being in the pit for so many years of my life, even before adrenal fatigue manifested.

I kept going.

I knew I had to find the answer to help other women struggling with this painful condition.

And then, Master Your Energy was born from my recovery journey, as well as what my clients most needed to shift in the right direction.

Working with so many burned out women 1:1 in my holistic counselling practice showed me, I was not the only one.

You can heal Adrenal Fatigue.

And an important part of healing is finding a good counsellor who understands the nuances of this condition, who can help you change your beliefs, behaviors and emotional aspects, along with your naturopathic doctor.

Emotional stress is the most toxic form of stress on the body. In order to reverse Adrenal Fatigue we must heal our emotions. 

Get the Master Your Energy Program and start taking the RIGHT actions toward healing the root causes of your health issues.

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