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3 Causes of Weight Gain and Chronic Fatigue

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6.Sep, 2018 Comments Off on 3 Causes of Weight Gain and Chronic Fatigue Adrenal Fatigue,Hormonal Balance,Weight Release

3 Causes of Weight Gain and Chronic Fatigue

Weight gain? Chronic Fatigue? Not feeling like yourself? I may have some insights into why in this blog. 

If your pants suddenly don’t fit anymore, and you are perplexed as to WHY, I am going to shed some light on possible causes. Note that all of these are symptoms, and have different root causes!
1) Adrenal, Thyroid, Progesterone, Estrogen imbalance. (HPA Axis Dysregulation).
As I said, these are symptoms of a greater root cause, and the biggest one being STRESS. With each of these imbalances (that can be happening at the same time), handling nutritional changes, taking supportive supplements, movement and healthy lifestyle are part of restoring balance, but if chronic emotional stress is going on,  due to relationship challenges or ongoing stressful conditions, seeing any improvement is greatly reduced until the stress is addressed within and without. 
2) Emotional Eating. So many women I have worked with, and still work with, struggle with emotional/stress eating patterns. Sometimes they aren’t aware that this is going on, and through 1:1 sessions or them going through my 30 Days to Food Freedom program, they see this has been a go-to way to relieve stress. All of this added food intake = fat storage over time! Often this falls into the restrict (diet) binge (rebound) pattern, and needs to be looked at on a deeper level.
3) Low Iron (Ferritin). Get your ferritin (iron stores)  checked. Not just the standard hemoglobin tests your doc will order. Ferritin should be at functional medicine optimal levels of at least 50 – 100. If you have heavy menstruation, along with fatigue that is worse before and during as well as after your period, this could be another cause of chronic exhaustion, exercise intolerance, as well as feeling cold often, with pale skin, and hair loss.
4) Emotional Stress. This is the most toxic kind of stress on the body, and is the one that will do the most damage to our health. Whether it is past emotional trauma being triggered, low level anxiety, chronic frustration, or daily strain and conflict in your relationship, dealing with emotional stress is a massive part in regaining your health, and as a side effect, lose weight if you desire that as an outcome.
Health has to be the goal first. Weight is an outward sign of an inward condition.
There are emotional root causes to all illness in the body.
So it’s essential to look beyond the physical, and into where the issues have originated.

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