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11 Pillars to Life and Energy Mastery

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21.Jan, 2019 Comments Off on 11 Pillars to Life and Energy Mastery Adrenal Fatigue,Emotional Wellness,Holistic Health,Marriage,Podcast Show Notes,Self Care,Stress Reduction

11 Pillars to Life and Energy Mastery

Healing happens from the inside out. In order to change the outer,

we must first change the inner. 

Inside my group programs, membership and one-on-one work with clients, we cover a whole lot in a very short period of time!

I don’t have a system, or a cookie cutter plan or quick fix approach, but offer the tools to help you sustain life long transformation and health from the inside out.

I decided to sit down and really give some thought to the main areas we focus on inside my Members Only programs, and of course, my 1:1 work.

Listen to me go deeper into each pillar on Episode 118 of the podcast below the list.  

  1. Shifting toward a more Body Centered Nutrition approach (rather than fad, unsustainable diet plans)
  2. Developing emotional mastery and the power of being able to process your emotions in your life and relationships (Stop allowing others to dictate your feelings, moods and reactions)
  3. Stress mastery from the inside out
  4. Enhancing Relationship to yourself and others
  5. Inner belief work and uncovering limiting beliefs that are keeping you sick and tired
  6. Simplifying, prioritizing, focusing on what really matters to you
  7. Intentional living merged with goal setting
  8. Quitting emotionally based stress eating habits
  9. Empowered Health – how to take your health back and create your own holistic health success team
  10. Getting your relationship needs met by your partner (and why this impacts your health when it’s not happening)
  11. Adopting Radical Self Care as a habit and way of life, and a foundation for your health and well-being

Healing any health condition and changing your life requires that you look at every area that is making you sick, stuck and stressed, and take full ownership and responsibility for your life and recovery.

Need some help with that?

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