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Activate your Inner Healing Program

Ignite Your Personal Power, Raise Your Energy, and Rapidly Remove the Blocks to Your Adrenal Fatigue Recovery

Staying true to your heart, and trusting your intuition often requires a few things..

As you begin to read through this page, I will let you know that while I love working with clients I have only very limited spaces.

This is why I created this shorter more condensed version of my normally 3 month program.

I currently have some openings, so if you feel compelled to take the next step with me after reading further, I’d be honored to support you.

Introducing the Master Your Energy Accelerated Program for Type A, Overachieving Women trying to do it all, who want to exponentially increase their energy, improve their marriage and home life, and fall in love with their life again. 


You’re busy, you want a solution to get out of feeling the way that you do FAST, and you want it NOW!


You know that you can only run your life, family and business (or manage your career) from a place of internal well being and health, but the stress of working so hard to make it happen, leaves you feeling drained at the end of the day.


This 6 week solution and action focused program delivers all you need to take your life and health to the next level.


Here’s some of what we cover in this 6 week program:

What to Eat: Let go of strict diet rules and confusion and stress around conflicting nutrition advice. Discover the top foods known to be irritants and symptom triggers, and what your personal food triggers are. Create your own self healing diet with the guidance of this program. Replace food triggers with healing foods, and re-balance digestion (recipes and guidelines e-book included)!


How to Move: Create your personalized Recovery Exercise plan even if you’re too tired to hit the gym. (The worst thing you can do is stay sedentary AND exercise too intensively).


✔ How to clear heavy Emotions: experience the power of processing your emotions so they don’t stay stuck in the body and create emotional imbalances like emotional reactivity, anxiety, depression and unnecessary conflicts with loved ones. Learning how to master this will improve your health and the health of your most important relationships.


How to think and build your INNER strength: our repetitive thoughts create our reality. When it comes to healing it’s essential to focus on empowering thoughts and shift any low level, limiting beliefs and energies that are keeping you stuck and exhausted. Our automatic thinking patterns create our emotional state (wanted or unwanted), and are linked to illnesses and dis-ease in the body. So moving out of these patterns is crucial if you want to heal for good! Hint: there are no negative emotions, only denser heavier ones. I will teach you how to work with your emotions in an empowering way so that you don’t get caught in the downward spiral and get stuck there.


How to Connect – Do the Spiritual/ Soulwork: Activate your spiritual connection and tap into your souls messages. Open the door to intuitive healing and how to be guided on your unique soul-journey. You are going to connect to your personal subtle energy system, intuition, and self awareness to use this as a guide toward what you most need to catapult your healing and self growth. 


How to Shift Energy and elevate your mood: Know exactly what to do using the tools and practices included in the program, on low days when you feel like crap. Get the tools and practices that will shift you out of low mood, low energy and low vibes FAST.

What you get:

✔ My Signature program Master Your Energy for Adrenal Fatigue Recovery (1 year access)

✔ The Food Freedom Program to free yourself from diets, emotional eating and restricting patterns around food (1 year access)

✔ My Brand NEW Audio program: AWAKEN to Your Power and Radically Shift Your Life from the Inside Out

This is a series of audios created to reprogram your limiting thoughts and beliefs about your life and healing, get crystal clear on what you want and need to do to shift to the next level, and let go of what’s holding you back. This is like your daily personal dose of inspiration, and a reminder of what you must stay focused on in order to keep on the healing path. It is a series of audios that guide you to think deeper, get refocused when you start to feel lost and discouraged. It’s like having my coaching at your fingertips anytime you need it!

✔ Tues -Thurs e- support via email for 6 weeks for questions that come up ( Facebook Messenger works great for this, and most of my clients prefer this to email).

✔ Weekly motivational emails to keep you on track

How it works:

We will meet 1:1 at the start of the program where I will assess your current situation, and provide a written personalized holistic treatment plan for you including resources, recommendations,  lifestyle, nutritional, mindset, and self care tweaks you need to make for faster results.

You’ll also have the opportunity to receive coaching and guidance on any areas you are struggling in your life for the last part of this session.

You will study and implement the program modules over the remaining 4 weeks.

In your 6th week, we will meet again and debrief, and you will create an integration plan that will keep you on your new path to recovery.

Private sessions included:

✔ 1×90 minute intensive session at the start of the program

✔ 1x 60 minute follow up and integration session at the end of the program

*Recordings of Zoom calls are available upon request. Sessions can be carried out through Zoom video calling or telephone.


One payment (save 10%) $1,997

2 payment plan:

Payment 1:  $1,500 USD

2 payments of: $348 USD 30 days apart

Once your first payment is received we will be in touch within one business day with all the details.

ONE PAYMENT of $1,997



Questions? Email

Have a few questions and would you prefer to have a quick chat with me before going ahead? Book a 15 minute enrollment consultation.   

This program will greatly enhance any protocols you are already on and will not interfere with Naturopathic care and treatment. In fact, it will speed up your results because you’ll be finally addressing the root causes of your burnout patterns!

I look forward to working with you!






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